Forecast of new style codes
The life of a suit starts out by creating yarns, textures and processes.
Suits leave classic man wardrobe framework to become the forecast
of new feminine style codes. From office to cocktail party, the Tailleur
lends itself to numerous interpretations. A full-tailored look,
pinstripe suit in cashmere, from double-breasted jacket to pants,
is the perfect refined outfit for the woman entrepreneur.
Who says to wear shirt under suit? There is no limit to imagination this season.
Feel free to be casual without giving up on class. Wear wool turtleneck with jacket,
put on sneakers for day and chic sandals for night.
Another way to wear suit is to pair it with more fluid and contemporary pants.
Wider and comfortable volumes for destructed double-breasted jackets,
which come closer to man’s world.
It is all about balance. Smartly tailored silhouettes for the new collection,
redefining the rules of contemporary tailoring. Jackets with waist belt
that gently embrace without tightening the body for a more relaxed look,
responding to modern women needs, dynamic and strong
with a hint of surprise.