Athleisure trend
When elegance marries comfort
Luxury goes hand in hand with street style.
This season glam meets sportswear’s comfort, creating a well-balanced look. A perfect marriage that answers all desires of the contemporary man who wants to look fashionable in every circumstances.
This season Eleventy brings to scene the finest portrait of sporty-chic apparel in leisure mode. This collection is all about “man in motion”: every piece of the collection has been created to find balance and slowing-down in a fast-paced world. 
Eleventy’s globetrotter wears washed leather jackets, comfortable wide fit pants, sneakers and a travel bag in canvas and leather, always ready
for daily challenges and adventures.
In this emotional journey heading to faraway and exotic destinations, the athleisure style is no longer a simple trend but it reflects a wider lifestyle transformation.
By mixing glamour and functionality, this change speaks of a thoughtful choice of
natural and performing fabrics.