The luxe old memory
New style horizons
British style baseline for the first outfit which uses tartan,
the famous Scottish checked pattern, as key player in the new fall season.
Knowing how to treat the classiest fabric in a new contemporary way:
this could be considered as the revolution of elegance. A double-breasted jacket
paired with baggy pants for a more gritty and young look.
Scottish fabrics dominate fall season, adopting blazer as basis
for a more relaxed everyday look. In the second outfit
the two buttons single-breasted jacket with its athletic fit, paired
with corduroy trousers sewn by hand, creates a modern vintage effect
playing with contrasting colors and garments.
Creative informal. A dynamic outfit for the third proposition,
a pied de poule jacket paired with a quilted sweater vest
and military effect leather boots. In classy man closet
boots are officially welcomed, defusing the formal suit,
as in the last outfit.
Modern tailoring with ancient temper, outfits made to move with the times.
Eleventy speaks of emotions, fleeting moments, and bold choices.
An old-style elegance. Almost forgotten traditional techniques are used
to knit wool, expressing traditional textures in new, modern proportions,
volumes and silhouettes.